Synonyms and related words:
acting, asininity, banter, battiness, brainlessness, business, characterization, clownishness, crackpottedness, crankiness, craziness, daffiness, desipience, eccentricity, fatuity, fatuousness, folly, foolery, foolheadedness, fooling, foolishness, frivolity, frivolousness, gag, giddiness, goofiness, ham, hammy acting, harlequinade, hoke, hokum, horseplay, idiocy, imbecility, impersonation, inanity, ineptitude, insanity, lunacy, madness, mimesis, mimicking, mimicry, miming, mindlessness, monkeyshines, mummery, niaiserie, nugacity, nuttiness, overacting, pantomiming, patter, performance, performing, personation, playacting, playing, portrayal, projection, queerness, representation, sappiness, screwiness, senselessness, shenanigans, silliness, slapstick, stage business, stage directions, stage presence, stunt, stupidity, taking a role, thoughtlessness, tomfoolery, triflingness, triviality, wackiness, weirdness, witlessness, zaniness, zanyism

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • Buffoonery — Buf*foon er*y, n.; pl. {Buffooneries}. [F. bouffonnerie.] The arts and practices of a buffoon, as low jests, ridiculous pranks, vulgar tricks and postures. [1913 Webster] Nor that it will ever constitute a wit to conclude a tart piece of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • buffoonery — noun /bəˈfuːnəri/ foolishness, silliness; the behaviour expected of a buffoon. Araminta, come, Ill talk seriously to you now; could you but see with my eyes the buffoonery of one scene of address, a lover, set out with all his equipage and… …   Wiktionary

  • buffoonery — buffoon ► NOUN ▪ a ridiculous but amusing person. DERIVATIVES buffoonery noun buffoonish adjective. ORIGIN French bouffon, from Latin buffo clown …   English terms dictionary

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